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Epic Series
Epic Series

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Marc Chica i José & Joann Fletcher
45' x 10
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In production

Discover the darkest hour of a once proud nation. Experience the dawn and rise of an empire that shall never be forgotten. Welcome to the rebirth of Egypt, welcome to PHARAOH.

PHARAOH is a multi-season historical epic series set in one of the most crucial yet obscure periods in the history of both Egypt and the whole of the ancient world.

In 16th Century BC Egypt, the ancient realm of the pyramid builders is now a broken empire, a nation torn apart by decades of anarchy, civil war, and violent foreign occupation.

In the North are the Hyksos, settlers from Canaan, who had seized Egypt’s strategic Delta lands and its sacred city of Memphis. In the south, the Nubians, the most feared warriors under the sun, advancing towards the last isolated Egyptian stronghold Thebes. Yet with Thebes riven by internal struggles and desperate in its resistance against the enemies who surround it, so begins the most extraordinary arms race that the ancient world had yet seen.

And with everyone vulnerable amidst such conflict, those who remain standing at the end are by no means the standard action heroes. For as our leading male characters play out their all too brief lives in a blaze of glory, the continuing strength essential to Egypt’s survival will take female form as our women step forward. And in order to protect their family, they will transform themselves and everything around them, shedding their blood both in childbirth and on the field of battle.

Only through them can a new Egypt be reborn, an Egypt forever changed by its formidable royal women who in turn give birth to the greatest empire the world had ever known.

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