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Current Affairs, Factual
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Marc Chica i José
74' - 52'
Aspect Ratio:
Original Language:
Anhuihua (Chinese Dialect) Mandarin Chinese
Available Subtitles:
English, Spanish, Arabic, Persian
Production Status:
Year of Production:

Made in China it’s a bold capture of personal growth in a country where a voiceless generation fights for the opportunity to be themselves.

The celebration of the Chinese New Year is coming and Yu Liang Yuan (21 years old) starts his journey from the industrial colony where he resides in Shenzhen to his birthplace in Henan (inland of the Asiatic giant).

But these aren’t any regular holidays. This year, his visit is crucial for his future and that of his family. He hopes to get engaged with an old schoolmate whom he’s been

What nobody could actually foresee, is that she and her family have been looking for other candidates and have decided that Yῡ Liang Yuan’s family is not rich enough to accept their marriage proposal.

This unexpected turn of events will force Yῡ Liang Yuan to start questioning the world around him and the need to follow a set of rules and traditions which he doesn’t really share. Forcing him to face who he is and what he truly wants.

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La Serena
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