Against the tide

a Limmat Films Production
Factual, Health & Lifestyle
Factual, Health & Lifestyle
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Pep Santiago Amich
Aspect Ratio:
Digital, Color
Original Language:
Catalán, Spanish
Available Subtitles:
English, Spanish, Arabic
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Against the tide, is a touching story focusing on the struggle of Albert, as he chooses to battle cancer on his own terms whilst trying to help others undergoing the same traumatic experience.

Against the tide, is a story of Albert, a 21-year-old young man, is diagnosed with his third cancer, but this time he is determined to battle it on his own terms.

Armed with just a camera, he starts recording his own experiences and sharing everything he is going through. And so “Vivir a Contracorriente” is born.

“Vivir a Contracorriente” (“Living against the tide”) quickly becomes a social movement that aims at breaking with the existing taboos around cancer and sharing a new perspective of the disease with the world: a new way of facing cancer based on communication, a healthy lifestyle and, especially, an insatiable will to live. He doesn’t want to survive on a bed, he wants to embrace all life has to offer.

This widespread social phenomenon will bring Albert’s fight to the hearts of thousands worldwide.

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