Discover the darkest hour of a once proud nation.

Experience the rise of a new golden age.

The dawn of an empire that shall never be forgotten.

Welcome to the rebirth of Egypt.


In the 16th Century BC Egypt, the ancient realm of the pyramid builders is now a broken empire, a nation torn apart by decades of anarchy, civil war and violent foreign occupation.

In the North, Hyksos settlers from Canaan have seized the strategic Delta lands and the sacred city of Memphis. In the south, the Nubians, the most feared warriors under the sun, are advancing towards Egypt’s last isolated stronghold Thebes, a city riven by internal struggles yet desperate in its resistance against the enemies who surround it.

A total conflict between several kingdoms and powerful families that fight to control Egypt and become Pharaoh, the king of a dreamed re-united Egypt, in the turbulent transition from utter chaos to the rebirth of an immortal empire.



Currently in an early stage of development, Pharaoh is a project led by Marc Chica i José (Creative Director and Executive Producer at Limmat Films) and Prof. Joann Fletcher, the renowned Egyptologist whose invaluable contribution as the historical consultant earns her a spot as co-creator of the project. Both through her extensive knowledge of the history of Ancient Egypt and through his creative and original point of view on the period, they are diving into this rich history in order to work on the most effective dramatization for the show.

Prof. Joann Fletcher is an Egyptologist and honorary visiting professor in the department of archeology at the University of York. She has made numerous television and radio appearances, and among her credits has won a BAFTA, a Royal Television Society Award and an Association for International Broadcasting Award.